UK-Taiwan Artist in Residence 2023: Sayang

Jan-Mar 23 • Taipei

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Artist Sayang. Credit: Wisdom Makubile

Leeds-based artist Sayang is taking part in our UK-Taiwan exchange programme between Jan-Mar 2023, collaborating with East Street Arts and Taipei Artist Village.

Using modular synthesis and field recordings from their environment, Sayang will develop a sonic exhibition in the form of “open studios” and live, immersive, interaction. They will create a dedicated space to explore non-verbal communication and how they process it. Responding to and navigating a new environment and the development of human and environmental relationships, as a person who experiences neurodiversity.

Part diary, part wellbeing, part artistic development, the space will gradually change and grow in direct response to its environment, peers, the Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV) community and in the form of shared experiences and interaction. Sayang aims to use their time at THAV to refine concepts and thoughts, as well as invite others to become part of their journey and interact with the sounds and space they create.

Rooting – sensory room by Sayang, commissioned by East Street Arts Art Hostel.

About the artist

Sayang is a Malaysian British DJ, producer and sound artist. They use noise and space to explore and connect intersections of gender, race, disability, queerness and access from personal and community contexts. They make audio for dancefloors, deep thinking and rest.

In sound design, Sayang often looks to their roots from Penang, Malaysia with field recordings, modular synthesis and electronic emulations of familiar noises, and connects it to their British childhood in electronic music, from film soundtracks and synthpop to EBM and Acid.

Their DJ sets traverse raw noise and high voltage beats through all-vinyl sets layered digitally in the form of 3 or 4 deck mixing, with considered selections that focus on new narratives and prompting deeper thought. Their tongue-in-cheek approach questions their place in the music they play while taking the reins behind tracks they were not always invited to.

Live modular synthesized performances, ambient “sound baths”, auditory explorations and sonic art are used as a form of connection and an alternative to speech and linear documentation. In all aspects, Sayang hopes to push boundaries of dis/comfort, bridge new spaces, amplify their community and share joy on/off dancefloors.

As part of this exchange, Taiwanese artist Jui-Hung Ni is in residence at East Street Arts between Feb-Mar 2023. Click here to read about her journey exploring Leeds.

The exchange is supported by the Arts Council England and the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs. Delivered in association with East Street Arts, Taipei Artist Village (TAV) and Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV).



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