Knotted Water Sizzled Tongue by Tzu-Huan Lin – Exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum as part of 2021 Taipei Art Awards

Dec 21 - Mar 22 • Exhibition in Taiwan

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Sill from Knotted Water Sizzled Tongue by Tzu-Huan Lin at Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

Inspired by the Chinese mythical character of Candjie, Knotted Water Sizzled Tongue, is a new film by Tzu-Huan Lin, tracing the learning experience of foreign languages as immigrants. Reflecting on our ability to mimic and speak non-native languages, to the falling of Pixiu, an ancient Chinese mythical creature, from heaven. The work discusses the authenticity of displaced identities and languages, and the embracing of acceptance.

Knotted Water Sizzled Tongue is our latest commission, in collaboration with videoclub. The work has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2021 Taipei Art Awards, and is now showing at Taipei Fine Arts Museum till 20 March 2022. Click here to read about the awards and exhibition details in English and Chinese.

The work will be exhibited on our website between 24 Jan – 11 Feb 2022.

Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Galleries 3A 3B
Dates: 25 Dec 21 – 20 Mar 22
Click here to visit TFAM website for opening times and details
Address: No.181, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 10461, Taiwan, R.O.C.


About the artist

Tzu-Huan Lin is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York. An alumnus of the Pratt Institute, Lin’s art primarily focuses on narrative film and immersive installation, exploring different facets of art and issues about the digital age by working with issues that deal with various occurrences. Mythology, history, scientific theories, pseudo-documentary films, and experimental films are some contents dealt with in Lin’s artworks and also the approaches he employs. Through his interpretations of certain issues, he uses diverging narratives to dive into the themes being examined and to shape the artworks created. He also creates spatial installations to enhance the way the audience experiences his way of seeing the world.

Supported by Arts Council England. With additional support from British Council Connection through Culture Grants and National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan.
Taipei Art Awards is an annual competition established by Taipei Fine Arts Museum, to celebrate the outstanding work of Taiwanese visual artists since 1983.



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