Displaced Belongings – UK screening tour

Mar-April 20 • Across UK

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Still from Action, Almost Unable to Think by Mao Haonan, 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

(Full venue dates and details below the programme)

Displaced Belongings presents six recent film and video works by Asian artists that explore the complex nature of identity. Artists respond to personal and global experiences, such as war and memory, ejection from home and expression of sexual identity to inform their filmmaking. Drawing a dialogue through themes such as gender, race, class and self-image, artists express their identities, uncovering and recovering memories to analyse daily life. 

Still from At Home But Not at Home by Suneil Sanzgiri, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.

Films by artists Suneil Sanzgiri and Bella Riza explore the emotional diasporic memories of their families; from the colonial history of India to the ongoing dispute between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. Mao Haonan’s film, Action, Almost Unable to Think tells the life story of a soldier from his personal perspective after death. 

Matthis Zhang and Su Hui-Yu’s work show the possibilities and beauty of queerness, and in contrast, the harshness of civic and social oppression. And in A Private Collection by Wu Chi-Yu, the artist reveals a migrant couple’s passion for their pirate DVD collection, which reminds us that the impact of a film can go far beyond the screen, and provide a new understanding of the world.

Artists in this programme include: Mao Haonan (China), Bella Riza (UK), Suneil Sanzgiri (US), Su Hui-Yu (Taiwan), Wu Chi-Yu (Taiwan) and Mathis Zhang (China). Action, Almost Unable to Think by Mao Haonan (2018) and At Home But Not at Home by Suneil Sanzgiri (2019) have not been shown in the UK before.


At Home But Not at Home, Suneil Sanzgiri (US), 2019, 10:43 mins (UK premiere)
Salt House, Bella Riza (UK), 2017, 12:39 mins
Action, Almost Unable to Think, Mao Haonan (China), 2018, 11:20 mins (UK premiere)
Dreams, Butterfly Boy Dreams (Genesis), Mathis Zhang (China), 2019, 7:13 mins
The Glamorous Boys of Tang(1985, Chui Kang-Chien), Su Hui-Yu (Taiwan), 2018, 15 mins
A Private Collection, Wu Chi-Yu (Taiwan), 2016, 13:33mins

(Age 18+)

Venue dates and details

BACKLIT, Nottingham 
Date: 19 Mar 20
Time: 6:30pm – 9pm
Address: BACKLIT, 3rd Floor (Gallery), Alfred House, Ashley Street, Nottingham, NG3 1JG

Royal College of Art, London
Date: 31 Mar 20
Time: 6:30pm – 8pm
Address: Gorvy Lecture Theatre, RCA Dyson Building, Riverside, 1 Hester Rd, London SW11 4AN
Pre-book tickets to guarantee entry*

Phoenix Cinema and Arts Centre, Leicester
Date: 24 April 20
Time: 8pm – 9:30pm, following with Q&A
Address: 4 Midland Street, Leicester LE1 1TG
Web / contact: www.phoenix.org.uk

More touring venues and dates coming soon.
(This tour has been suspended due to Covid-19 outbreak. If you wish you to watch the programme, please refer to our online screening here)

Displaced Belongings is curated by Moritz Cheung for Platform Asia. Delivered in association with videoclub and supported by Arts Council England.

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