Artist in Residence with Arts Catalyst & Taipei Artist Village 2021: Steph Huang

Oct-Nov 21 • UK

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Documentation image courtesy Steph Huang

Taiwanese artist Steph Huang will take part in our UK-Taiwan exchange programme between 5 Oct-12 Nov 2021, collaborating with Arts Catalyst and Taipei Artist Village. Steph will undertake research into sustainable aquaculture, the biofloc fish farming industry and the impacts of using industrial chemicals on UK coastal environments during her residency. Huang’s research extends from an ongoing interest in the global fishing industry and climate change.

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad – Steph Huang (2020)

About the artist

Steph Huang (b.1990, Taiwan) recently graduated from MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, her artistic practices incorporate a wide range of mediums from sculpture, installation, analogue photography, soundscape to publication.

The eccentric moments in everyday life often captured through her Canon F1 camera act as trigger-points for new ideas and an attempt to examine something of the lives of modern human beings through mass-produced objects. Found objects retrieved from random encounters are incorporated into her sculpture making. Her work uses autobiographical narratives expressed in layers of storytelling. Poetically charged, the works are rooted in her observations of incidental details and the relationships of objects to each other. Her recent works explore a surreal absurdity of life through collective behaviours, looking at how leisure might develop into a new concept of bodily labour, culture and political economy.

Select solo and exhibitions include: Cromwell Place, London (2021); Southwark Park Galleries, London (2020); Discerning Eye, London (2020); Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Berlin and Denmark (2020); Filet, London (2020); Artworks Project Space, London (2020); Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy, Lithuania (2020); Peak Gallery, London (2020); the Koppel Project, London (2019); Belmacz, London (2019); Bolton museum, Bolton (2019); RawLabs, London (2019); Podium, Luxembourg (2019); South London Gallery, London (2019); Alte Handelsschule, Leipzig (2018); Krudebude, Leipzig (2018); Incheon Art Platform, Seoul (2018); 4Cose, London (2017); A.P.T Gallery, London (2017). Upcoming exhibitions include South London Gallery, London (2021); Salón ACME No. 9, Mexico (2021); Arts Catalyst Residency, Sheffield (2021); Belmacz, London (2021).


As part of this international exchange project, UK artist Hannah Rowan was in residence at Taipei Artist Village earlier this year. Click here to read about her journey exploring Taiwan, its butterfly species and aquatic life.

Steph was nominated by Taipei Artist Village, and selected by Arts Catalyst and Platform Asia for this residency.

The project has been supported by Arts Council England and the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs.



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